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4.5 Strong Rulers Unite
I. Shi Huangdi
A. early 200s BC Zheng overthrew the feudal lords
1. proclaimed himself Shi Huangdi or “First Emperor”
2. he was brutal but ushered in the Classical Age
a. set patterns in gov’t, philosophy, religion, science,
arts for future cultures
b. he was a legalist
B. started the Qin Dynasty
C. got rid of feudalism and set up military districts
D. he standardized weights and measures and coins
E. he jailed, tortured, and killed dissenters
F. he had all books burned that were on literature and
G. Great Wall
1. 100,000s of laborers work years
2. 25 ft high, topped with a brick road, 4000 miles
H. when he died so many were angry over the harsh
treatments that the Qin dynasty lost power
II. Han Dynasty
A. Liu Bang made Confucian scholars as advisors (this was
a key move)
B. Wudi (most famous Han ruler) strengthened the gov’t and
1. He regulated iron and salt
a. He made them into a monopoly: complete
control of a product or business by 1 person or
b. this gave the gov’t a source of income besides
C. expansionism
D. gov’t officials should win because of merit and not family
1. had to take exams that took years of studying (no
E. Decline
1. emperors couldn’t control the warlords (local military
2. heavy taxes caused revolts and in AD 200 the Han
Empire was no more
III. Achievements of the Han Golden Age
A. science
B. made a device to measure earthquakes
C. Acupuncture
1. insert needles under the skin in specific spots to relieve pain
D. Most technologically advanced civilization of the time
E. Paper-making (wood pulp, system we use today and they kept it a
secret for 500 years)
F. Shipbuilding: rudders to steer with