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1. What event was the spark that caused World War I in Sarajevo?
2. What was the "blank check"?
3. What was problem that the Schlieffen Plan try to prevent?
4. Serbia was the state that was a thorn in in which Empire’s side and a primary cause of World War I?
5. A deadly stalemate on the western front ruined which nation’s war plans?
6. In 1914, the Ottoman Empire joined the war on the side of
7. The tank was used by which nation?
8. Which group of workers gained the right to vote immediately following the war?
9. One socioeconomic group that clearly benefited from World War I was__?
10. Who was a leader of the Bolsheviks that promised "peace, land, and bread"?
11. Following the Bolshevik seizure of power in November 1917
12. Which Russian leader ratified the redistribution of land which had already been seized by peasants?
13. The 1918 Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was __?
14. In World War I, it is estimated that ____ soldiers died
15. The ethnic group that suffered a million dead as victims of genocide during World War I was___?
16. At the end of World War I what happened to the Austrian Empire?
17. The chief motivation of which French (part of Big Four) leader was to punish Germany and gain
security for France?
18. Which part of the Treaty of Versailles forced Germany to acknowledge "war guilt" and to pay
reparations for its alleged wartime aggression?
19. After World War I, which Allied voted to reject the Versailles Treaty that Wilson had negotiated?
Rise of Totalitarianism
20. Which nation helped usher in a new era of European prosperity between 1924 and 1929 by issuing
investments following the Dawes Plan?
21. First nation to adopt fascism.
22. What was the Treaty of Locarno?
23. What were the Lateran Accords of 1929?
24. The recall of American loans from European markets was a major cause of the what economic
25. The massive demonstration held in Nuremberg with nearly a million spectators was a part of this
fascist leader’s attempt to unify his nation.
26. What was Hitler’s attempted uprising in Munich called?
27. What Middle Eastern Muslim nation made an effort to adopt a Westernized secular culture after
World War I?
28. What city is associated with Mussolini’s overthrow of the monarchy?
29. What British colonial citizen was associated with civil disobedience, dressing in simple clothing,
Non-violent resistance, using a spinning wheel used to make clothing and helping the impoverished
of India?
30. Define Squadristi.
31. What was Hitler’s book called?
32. Winner of the Spanish Civil War.
33. How did Stalin defeat Trotsky after Lenin’s death?
34. What is the art movement called that attempts to rationalize a world of war through a reanalysis of
the world around us? (hint- the poster of a pipe in Portwood’s room is a part of this movement)