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We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution
Unit 3 Lesson 15: What is the judicial branch?
Vocabulary Matching
Directions: Write the letter of the definition next to the appropriate vocabulary word.
1. appeal
2. Article III
3. associate
4. federal courts
5. interpret
6. judicial review
7. ruling
a. part of the Constitution that describes the judicial
b. bringing a lower court case ruling to a higher court to be
heard again
c. to join with others as a partner, member, or friend
d. power of the courts to say that the Constitution does not
allow the government to do something
e. verdict or decision made by a court
f. courts of the national government; deal with problems
between states, with the Constitution, and with laws made
by Congress
g. to explain the meaning of something
Short Answer
Directions: Answer the question in the space provided. If you need additional space continue
your answer on the back of the page.
8. What is judicial review? Why is it one of the most important powers of the judicial branch?
We the People Lesson 15, Level 1
Multiple Choice
Directions: Reach each question carefully. Circle only the best answer.
9. Article III of the U.S. Constitution describes the responsibilities and powers of the…
a. legislative branch
b. executive branch
c. judicial branch
d. the people
10. The role of the courts is to…
a. decide the meaning of the law and the Constitution
b. interpret the law
c. settle conflicts between the states
d. decide if someone is guilty of breaking the law
e. do all of the above
11.The judicial branch of the national government is divided into…
a. lower courts only
b. lower courts and the Supreme Court
c. three branches of government
d. it’s not divided
12. There are
judges on the Supreme Court.
a. 2
b. 435
c. 100
d. 9
13. Federal judges are selected by the
and approved by the
a. Senate; president
b. House of Representatives; president
c. president; Senate
d. president; House of Representatives
14. Congress has the power to
judges if they are
a. appoint; qualified
b. appoint; approved by the president
c. remove; found guilty of serious crimes
d. remove; too old
15. Supreme Court justices and federal judges are appointed and not elected because…
a. the Framers believed the judges might not make fair decisions
b. the Framers feared the judges might favor the people who elected them
c. the president likes to pick them himself
d. both a and b are true
16. The
is the highest court in the judicial branch.
a. federal court
b. Supreme Court
c. Article III Court of Law
d. Federal Court of Appeals
Bonus Question: What do we call the judges on the Supreme Court?
We the People Lesson 15, Level 1