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Law Day Trivia
Sample Quiz Questions
Lawyers and Judges
The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees that in all criminal
prosecutions, the accused person has the right to one of these to provide counsel and
What is a lawyer?
This is the largest, voluntary association for lawyers in the world.
What is the American Bar Association?
States require you to attend this type of school before becoming a lawyer.
What is law school?
This woman was the first woman to sit on the Supreme Court.
Who is Sandra Day O’Connor?
This is the length of time federal judges can serve.
What is life?
The U.S. Constitution allows this person, with advice and consent of the Senate, to
appoint federal judges.
Who is the President?
Courts and the Constitution
Article III of this founding document outlines the “Judicial Branch.”
What is the U.S. Constitution?
Just like what Americans celebrate on July 4th, the judiciary enjoys this.
What is independence?
Black’s law Dictionary defines this as “a government body consisting of one or more
judges who sit to adjudicate disputes and administer justice.”
What is a court?
The two kinds of cases heard by court include civil and ____.
What are civil and criminal cases?
America’s federal government is composed of the legislative branch, executive branch,
and this third branch.
What is the Judicial Branch?
Citizens might be called to serve on this during a trial.
What is a jury?
Symbols of Law and the Courts
The U.S. capital was previously in Philadelphia and New York before settling here.
What is Washington, D.C.?
Watch out when the judge bangs this—he wants order in the court.
What is a gavel?
The Supreme Court building has these words above the door: “Equal ______ Under
What is “Justice?”
Judges usually wear these, and we’re not talking about suits.
What are robes?
President Obama lives down the street, not in the blue house, but that other one.
What is the White House?
Chances are that Betsy Ross never actually sewed this, stars, stripes, and all, no matter
what the teacher taught you in school.
What is the American Flag?
Law Day
This day is traditionally recognized as a day to mark our national commitment to the
rule of law.
What is Law Day?
This happened in 1958, the same year that the peace symbol was adopted by the
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
What is the first commemoration of Law Day?
This World War II general-President was the first to recognize May 1 as Law Day.
Who is Dwight D. Eisenhower?
Final Round
No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom.
What is the 2012 Law Day theme?