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Ms. Bithell’s Blog Prompts
Name a number between 1.6 and 1.7. Name a number between 2.35
and 2.36. Name a number between 7.321 and 7.322. What did you need to do to
find each number?
When adding or subtracting decimals, you line up the decimals. Is this
true of multiplication of decimal numbers? Give an example or
a counterexample.
Explain why 1 is neither prime nor composite.
Explain how you can determine the greatest common factor of two
numbers by examining their prime factorizations.
Under what conditions does the least common multiple of two
numbers equal one of the numbers. Give an example.
Explain how to compare fractions that have different numerators and
different denominators.
Explain the difference between 4 x 1/3 and 4 and 1/3.
How can you tell when a fraction a/b is less than 1, greater than 1, or
equal to 1?
When adding or subtracting fractions with different denominators, a
common denominator must be found. Explain the advantage of using the least
common multiple rather than just a common multiple of the denominators.
Name a number that does not have a reciprocal. Explain your answer.
Can the distributive property be expanded to distribute a number over a sum of
three or more numbers? Explain your answer.
Write three examples of unit rates. What word in the statement
of a unit rate indicates division?
In your own words, describe the difference between solving an addition equation
and solving a subtraction equation.
The symbol x is used to represent multiplication. Explain why x is not
normally used in writing a multiplication equation. Write an example to illustrate
your answer.
To solve an equation, different operations are used depending on the
given equation. However, in all cases, the goal in solving the equation is the
same. What is it?
Explain why the equation 2 + x/-1 = 5 is a two-step equation.