The European Conservative
the energy union needs a new approach to policy-making
The Effects of Economic Growth and Globalization on Democracy in
The effects of armed conflict on schooling in Sub-Saharan
The Dimensionality of Party Ideologies - Nuffield College
The Death Penalty and Life Imprisonment Without the Possibility of
The contribution of the International Court of Justice to
The Contingency of the Mass Media`s Political Agenda Setting Power
The Concept of Human Rights
The Coming Extinction of Homo Economicus and the Eclipse of the
The Catholic Church and the Nation-State
The Backbone of Moche Society: Spinal Degenerative Joint Disease
The American Ideal of Representative Democracy
The American Colonies
The Accounting Environment
The 2008 Presidential Campaign: Political Cynicism in the Age of
Thai Politics: - Lynne Rienner Publishers
Technology and Terrorism
Taxes and Politics Collide in New IRS Guidelines for
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