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Thunderstorms and Tornadoes
– Often appear as a vortex or funnel-shaped cloud of flying
debris. Some are rope shaped and others are wedge
shaped with more than one vortex.
– Funnel-shape due to air pressure at the center being very
low and air is sucked into the funnel expands and cools;
water vapor in the air condenses, forming a funnelshaped cloud. If the air is drier or the air pressure inside
the tornado is higher, it may consist of dust and debris
creating a loud roaring sound.
– They appear at the back edge of a thunderstorm and
travel with the storm.
– Tornadoes can travel in any direction and often move
– Tornadoes can occur anywhere in the United States and
at any time, however, they occur most often in Tornado
Alley in the spring and summer.
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