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Name of Applicant:
Position Applied For:
Interview Date:
Who Interviewed:
Tell us about yourself and what brought you to Eugene.
What is your interest in or experience with natural foods?
Why do you want to work at Sundance?
Do you have any preexisting back problems that would exempt you from lifting heavy boxes?
Why did you choose to apply at Sundance?
What are some hobbies and outside interests?
What is your current schedule (includes school and other jobs)?
Do you need time off for holiday or have any planned vacations?
Define what being on time means to you.
What are your future plans regarding living in Eugene, work goals, and school?
Do you have any other schedule conflicts or time that you need off during the work week?
How long would you expect to work for us if hired?
How many hours a week would be ideal for you?
What time of the day do you feel you work most efficiently?
Can you work weekends?
Have you ever had a job where you worked at 6:30 AM? Until 11:30 PM?
If we decided to hire you how soon could you start?
What would conflict with your availability to come in and sub?
What aspects of your schedule would be prioritized above this position?
How flexible are you regarding last minute shift coverage?
How willing would you be to come in on short notice?
What would be your motivation for agreeing to cover shifts for your coworkers?
(impressions do matter – would you feel comfortable on a 1 wk raft trip with this person, being stuck in an
elevator for 11 hrs with them, or could you welcome them to your Thanksgiving table?)
Can you tell me about an experience that you have had with a difficult coworker?
If currently employed, what would need to change at your current position for you to continue to work there?
Please tell me about a time when you went out of your way to help someone.
We have all worked on a team, a group of people whether it was sports, school or work. In that environment we
may encounter people who don't carry their portion of the load. How do you deal with people like that?
Can you tell me about a time that you went the extra mile for either a customer or a coworker?
We all have things that we are trying to improve about ourselves. Tell me about something you are currently
working on to improve yourself.
Can you tell me about a past work experience where you were part of a team or where teamwork was very
Tell me about a time you had to help a dissatisfied or angry customer. How did you handle the situation?
Give me an example of a time when you did more than was required of you in your job.
What strengths would you bring to the team?
If I was to call your last supervisor and ask them to describe you in word what would that be?
Please describe your communication style.
Please describe a difficult experience that you had with a manager or supervisor.
Tell me about your past experience with customer service.
In the past, how have you dealt with difficult customers?
A lot of nice and interesting people work and shop here and it is easy to engage in conversation. How would
you handle this?
What type of supervision are you most comfortable with?
What frustrates you? Motivates you?
Of all the managers, teachers, coaches or mentors you have had who is the most memorable and what makes
that person so memorable for you?
Describe your favorite manager or supervisor.
How do you feel about working in a very small space with lots of different people?
Explain a situation where you worked with a difficult supervisor or co-worker.
Tell us about a time in the past when you had to cope with a large number of difficult customers.
What is 10 % of $51.72. What is 50% of 598.
Can you tell me about the last time you were critiqued, what that criticism was about and how you dealt with
Is the customer always right? Why or why not?
Please describe your work ethic or work style.
What aspects of work are most satisfying to you?
What must exist in your work place for you to be motivated and happy?
Describe how you handle yourself under pressure.
Describe a time when you worked in a fast paced environment.
Can you tell me about a past job experience where you had to be very thorough or give a lot of attention to
Have you ever had a job where it was important to come to work on time? Were you ever late and if so what
What part of your past work has given you the greatest feeling of achievement?
In what ways would a supervisor find you easy to work with?
How familiar are you with natural foods products, such as tempeh, tofu, kombucha, or whole grains?
Describe your past cashiering experience.
Describe your past experience with stocking.
Describe a past work experience where you felt burned out.
Has there ever been a time in a past job were you saw a co-worker doing something the wrong way? If so, what
did you do about it?
Have you ever had a job where you had to balance work speed with quality?
Do you have any questions about this position or about Sundance?
Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?
Tell applicant about pay & benefits.
We will contact you by (day/date) to let you know either way what we have decided.
Thank applicant for their time.
Start pay is minimum wage ($8.40)—raises based on performance evaluation, after a set # of hours.
Health insurance after working 3 months averaging 32 hrs a week
Purchase discount of 20% on weeks that you work 2 or more shifts/30% on vitamins
Paid lunch break of 6.6 minutes per hour worked.
Vacation/sick time accumulation equivalent to one week per year when working full time.
Parties/raft trip.