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Georgia History: ACR EXAM - Study Guide
Who was elected President of the U.S. in 1860?
After declaring independence from the United States, Georgia eventually joined the ____________________.
A. United Kingdom B. Articles of Confederation C. Confederate States of America D. United Nations
After the Yazoo Land Fraud, Georgia’s western boundary became the _____________ River.
Cotton was taken to the port city of _______________ where it was shipped over the ocean to world markets.
What event is considered to be the Turning Point of the Civil War?
A. Election of 1860 B. Gettysburg C. Antietam
D. March to the Sea
What was the capitol of Georgia during the Civil War?
A. Atlanta B. Milledgeville C. Augusta D. Savannah
E. Louisville
What is the belief that a state, like Georgia, answers to no higher power?
A. sectionalism B. nullification
C. states’ rights D. secession
How did the tariffs on European imports help American factories located in the North?
What compromise allowed both Maine and Missouri to join the Union?
A. Missouri Compromise B. Compromise of 1850 C. Kansas-Nebraska Act
D. Maine Compromise
What compromise allowed California join the Union as a free state?
A. Missouri Compromise B. Compromise of 1850 C. Kansas-Nebraska Act
D. Maine Compromise
The Georgia Platform was the state’s response to what national issue?
A. Missouri Compromise B. Compromise of 1850 C. Kansas-Nebraska Act
D. Maine Compromise
What created the states of Kansas and Nebraska and allowed their residents to vote on the issue of slavery?
A. Maine Compromise
B. Compromise of 1850 C. Kansas-Nebraska Act D. Missouri Compromise
Because of the Fugitive Slave Law, runaway slaves had to make it to ____________________ to be truly free.
The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Fugitive Slave Law in the _________________________ Case.
What Georgian played a role in the Compromise of 1850, the Georgia Platform, the Secession Convention
and served as the Vice-President of the Confederacy?
A. Jeff Davis B. Abraham Lincoln C. Howell Cobb D. Alexander Stephens E. Joseph Brown
Georgia’s declaration of independence from the United States was called the __________________________.
A. Ordinance of Secession B. Constitution C. Magna Carta D. Bill of Rights E. Monroe Doctrine
Why did the Battle of Antietam play such an important role in the Civil War?
A. It was the turning point in the Civil War.
C. It provided an opportunity to issue the Emancipation Proclamation.
B. It brought an end to the Civil War.
D. It helped Abraham Lincoln win a second election in 1864.
Who was the General that lead the March to the Sea through Georgia?
A. Ulysses S. Grant
Georgia History: ACR EXAM - Study Guide
B. Robert E. Lee C. Alexander Stephens
D. William Tecumseh Sherman
What was the infamous prisoner-of-war camp built in South Georgia to hold captured Union soldiers?
A. Dawsonville B. Fort King George C. Antietam
D. Andersonville E. Gettysburg
In the Battle of Chickamauga they were really fighting for control of the railroad town of _______________.
A. Chattanooga B. Atlanta C. Ringgold
D. Chickamauga
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Identify if the statement is describing the North or the South.
This area had built the most factories prior to the Civil War.
The economy was based solely on agriculture.
People in this area tended to believe in the idea of states’ rights.
The people of this area believed that the U.S. Constitutional was an unbreakable contract between the states.
Residents of this region supported nullification.
The people wanted free international trade.
The states believed that secession was legal.
Many of the people supported the abolitionist movement.
The people were outraged by the Supreme Court’s decision in the Dred Scott Case.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This man was one of the first African-Americans elected to serve in the General Assembly.
A. Hamilton Holmes B. Dred Scott C. Alonzo Herndon D. Henry McNeal Turner
Which famous American document is an outcome of the Civil War?
A. U.S. Constitution B. Emancipation Proclamation C. Declaration of Independence
D. Mayflower Compact
Matching: Match each description with its correct answer.
Amendment that made slavery illegal throughout the US.
Amendment that gave all men the right to vote
He owned nothing and worked another man’s land and paid a large portion of his harvested crop as rent.
This amendment gave everyone civil rights.
This type of farmer owned his own tools and equipment but rented another man’s land for farming.
tenant farmer 13th Amendment
14th Amendment
15th Amendment
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After seceding, the state of Georgia renamed itself the _____________________________________.
A. Republic of Cotton Kingdoms B. Republic of Georgia
C. Union of Georgia D. District of Savannah
Georgia History: ACR EXAM - Study Guide
What group took control of the U.S. Congress for a while during Reconstruction and punished the South?
A. Democrats B. Republicans
C. Radical Republicans
D. Reconstruction Party E. Abolitionists
Northerners who came South after the Civil War with their money and took advantage of the situation.
A. Carpetbaggers
B. Freedmen
C. Scalawags
D. Confederates
What event played a significant role in getting Lincoln elected during the Civil War (1864)?
A. Gettysburg B. Antietam C. Chickamauga
D. Atlanta
E. Andersonville
Who became the President of the U.S. when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated?
A. Andrew Johnson B. Ulysses S. Grant
C. Robert E. Lee D. Alexander Stephens
Initially, who was in charge of the rebuilding process where states would come back into the Union?
A. United States Congress B. Supreme Court
C. President of the United States
Under the control of which branch of government was Reconstruction the toughest for the Georgia?
A. United States Congress B. Supreme Court
C. President of the United States
The fighting that took place in Georgia from Ringgold to Atlanta is referred to as the ______________.
A. Chickamauga Campaign
B. Georgia Campaign C. Atlanta Campaign
D. March to the Sea
The ___________ made Georgia rewrite its state constitution for a third time and put it under military rule.
A. Georgia Platform B. Ordinance of Secession
C. Confederacy D. Georgia Act
What was the purpose of the Freedman’s Bureau?
A. It assisted run away slaves.
C. It provided aide and assistance to Southern blacks after the Civil War.
B. It ran the Underground Railroad. D. It was a tool used by the Democrats to take political power.
Why was it difficult for the residents of Savannah to trade with Europe during the Civil War?
A. Tariffs restricted free trade.
C. The city’s port was closed down by the Redcoats.
B. The Union blockade restricted trade.
D. A severe drought dried up the Savannah River.
What groups used violence and other tactics trying to deny civil rights to the freedmen?
A. Freedman’s Bureau B. Ku Klux Klan
C. N.A.A.C.P. D. Republicans E. Abolitionists
What famous novel was written during the 1850s depicting the evils of slavery in the South?
A. Life on a Plantation B. Song of the South C. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
D. Gone with the Wind
A novel written by Margaret Mitchell depicting life in Georgia before, during and after the Civil War.
A. Gone with the Wind
B. Uncle Tom’s Cabin C. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn D. Song of the South
Place the time periods into correct chronological order (first to last order).
A. Antebellum, Reconstruction, Civil War B. Civil War, Antebellum, Reconstruction C. Antebellum, Civil War, Reconstruction
Why did the Election of 1860 lead to the secession of many Southern states?
A. Lincoln did not win any southern states and still was victorious in winning the overall election.
B. The Southerners were afraid that Lincoln would end slavery in the South.
C. The Republican Party was an anti-slavery party and Lincoln was a member of this party.
D. All of the Above
E. None of the Above