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Mandatos con verbos reflexivos
A reflexive verb expresses action done by the subject to or for himself/herself. A reflexive
verb is indicated by “se” attached to an infinitive.
ex. lavarse, ponerse, bañarse
Repaso breve: Los mandatos formales
 Verbs that end in –ar will have the endings
_________ _________.
 Verbs that end in –er / –ir will have the endings
_________ _________.
Mandatos con verbos reflexivos:
 When writing a command using a reflexive verb, the pronoun is attached to and comes after
the conjugated command.
 You will also need to add an accent to the third to last syllable.
Póngase los pijamas
Mírese en el espejo
Séquese con una toalla
Levántese temprano
Shave your legs
Brush your hair
Wash your hands
Put on deodorant