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Fitness 101 Assessment
I. Directions: In the space provided, write the word or letter of the choice that best
completes the statement or answers the question. (2.5 points each)
1. ____________________ is the ability to perform daily activities without undue
A. Flexibility
B. Fitness
C. Walking
D. Weight lifting
2. Unusual weight gain or loss and sterility can result from
A. Inadequate rest
B. Dehydration
C. Anabolic steroid use
D. Excessive heat loss
3. Before exercising, you should allow your pulse rate to increase gradually by
A. Working out
B. Cooling down
C. Stretching out
D. Warming up
4. Running, cycling, swimming, and dancing are all examples of
A. resistance exercise
B. aerobic exercise
C. flexibility
D. anaerobic exercise
5. The three body types are ectomorph, mesomorph, and _____________.
A. indomorph
B. endomorph
C. megamorph
D. gigamorph
6. Guarana is a source of:
amino acids
7. Caffeine can be especially dangerous for those with a history of:
A. seizures
B. headaches
C. upset stomach
D. shortness of breath
8. Energy drink companies often use marketing strategies that involve:
A. ads linked to risk-taking behavior and sexual promiscuity
B. ads linked to extreme sports and physical endurance
C. using risque or taboo names
D. all of the above
9. Withdrawal symptoms of caffeine can include:
A. calmness
B. headaches
C. increased ability to concentrate
D. there are no symptoms
10. Caffeine is a:
A. depressant
B. stimulant
C. hallucinogen
D. opiate
11. Products that are herbal and/or natural:
A. are 100% safe
B. can be dangerous
C. are all proven effective
D. none of the above
12. Taurine is:
A. an essential amino acid
B. a good source of vitamin C
C. caffeine
D. sugar
13. Which of the following can be a symptom of having too much caffeine?
A. heart palpitations
B. nausea
C. light-headedness
D. all of the above
14. One of the main ingredients of many energy drinks is:
A. sugar
B. ginseng
C. guarana
D. taurine
15. Mixing energy drinks and alcohol can produce:
A. a drug interaction
B. a false sense of being less intoxicated
C. an increase in dangerous, risky behaviors
D. all the above
II. Directions: Place a plus (+) in the space provided if the statement is true. Place a zero
(0) if the statement is false. (2.5 points each)
True or False
_____ 1. The majority of diets are safe, effective ways to lose weight.
_____ 2. People usually regain most of the weight they lose on a fad diet.
_____ 3. Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia pose serious health risks and can be
_____ 4. People who are trying to lose weight should aim to lose at least 5 pounds per
_____ 5. Advances in medicine have made it possible to permently lose weight
withoutmuch effort.
_____ 6. Cardiovascular endurance is one of the five areas of health-related fitness.
_____ 7. Using anabolic steroids without a prescription is illegal.
_____ 8. Physical exercise is good for the body, but has no effect on one’s
mental/emotional health.
_____ 9. Strengthening your bones through physical activity can decrease your risk of
osteoporosis later in life.
____ 10. Someone with a mesomorph body-type tends to be slim and narrow in stature.
III. Directions:
Using the word bank below fill in the correct word in the blanks. (2.5 points each)
11. Name two types of fitness and then list 4 components for each:
1. ________________________________
2. _______________________________
12. Give at least two reasons why people workout?
13. Name three components of a workout session:
14. Name at least three types of performance enhancing drugs
15. List some negative effects do anabolic agents (steroids) have on males and females.
16. What effect does blood doping have on performance?__________________________
17. Steroids affect more than just our physical health. They also affect our psychological
health. Explain what is “roid rage” and the negative affects?
18. What is creatine and how does it enhance performance?