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Gabriela Kreinz
Period: 1
#MB 12
Chapter 13 Morphene, Nicotine and Caffeine
J Double-Entry Journals
Summarized Ideas
Thoughts and Questions
Morphene, nicotine and caffeine are all
Why is caffeine, sometimes, considered a
considered addicting elements,
drug? The fact that it is addicting, shouldn’t
make it a drug.
Morphene is the active ingredient in the
What other ingredients are present in Opium?
fatuous drug, Opium. It is extremely strong
Can a person become addicted to Morphene’?
and it can cause serious hallucinogenic
Tobacco was first discovered in Latin
If nicotina is the most addicting element
America and the responsible for bringing it to
present in tobacco, is there another element
Europe was Christopher Colombus.
that is as much addicting as nicotina’?
Caffeine can be found in many things, such as
What is the lethal dose of caffeine for an
tea leaves, coffee beans, cacao pods and cola
nuts. When caffeine goes to the brain it
What arc other chemical effects that caffeine
blocks the absorption of adenosinc at the
has in our body’?
synaptic gap ( adenosine slows down the
Besides the awakening effect, what are other
firing of Neurotransmitters,which makes you
tic ca).
effects caused by caffeine’?