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UK Professor's Book Attracts National Interest
LEXINGTON, Ky. (Nov. 21, 2006) − A book by University of Kentucky journalism
professor Richard Labunski has recently received national attention.
Esquire magazine calls Labunski's "James Madison and the Struggle for the Bill
of Rights" (Oxford University Press, 2006), the "Big Important Book of the Year" in its
December issue.
Labunski's book, which chronicles Madison's extraordinary efforts to see a bill of
rights added to the Constitution, is also the subject of a 4,200-word review in the Nov.
30 "New York Review of Books". Professor Gordon Wood of Brown University, a highly
respected historian, wrote that "With Labunski's book we now have a very readable and
reliable narrative of how Madison gave birth to the Bill of Rights."
On Nov. 14, Professor Labunski was interviewed live for an hour on the "Jim
Bohannon Show" on the Westwood Radio Network. The show, based in Washington,
D.C., is heard on 350 stations. The next day, Labunski signed copies of the book at the
National Press Club Book Fair. He also taped an interview with "Book TV" to be shown
later in the fall on C-SPAN2.
The book is particularly timely. December 15 is the anniversary of the ratification
of the Bill of Rights.
The book has been reviewed or referenced in The New York Times Book
Review; The Washington Post; The Washington Times; Esquire Magazine; The New
York Review of Books; The Atlantic Monthly; CBS News Web site; Louisville CourierJournal; Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader; Indianapolis Star; The New York Sun; The New
York Law Journal; Library Journal; Booklist; and Publishers Weekly.
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