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Ky. Presidents
Sports Figures & Statesmen Ky. Women
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He coached the
Kentucky Wildcats to
876 victories and had
an arena named after
Who was Adolph Rupp?
This boxing champ’s motto
was “Float like a butterfly,
sting like a bee.”
Who is Muhammad Ali?
She is the first women &
first American
to row across the Atlantic
Who is Tori Murden?
One of seventeen children,
he is the present coach
of the UK Wildcats.
Who is Tubby Smith?
This former Wildcat star
went on to play in the
NBA on the Phoenix Suns,
the Chicago Bulls, &
the Indiana Pacers.
Who is Kyle Macy?
He was a Mexican War
hero &
the 12th U. S. President.
Who was Zachary Taylor?
He was the 16th president.
He kept the union together
during the Civil War.
Who was Abraham Lincoln?
He was known as the Great
Compromiser because he
helped settle disputes
between Northern &
Southern states before the
Civil War.
Who was Henry Clay?
He was president
of the Confederacy during
the Civil War.
Who was Jefferson Davis?
He is the second Kentucky
governor to succeed himself
in office for a second
Who is Paul Patton?
She became the
first woman
governor of Kentucky.
Who is
She was married
to Abraham Lincoln.
Who was Mary Todd?
This TV reporter on
Prime Time
is from Kentucky.
Who is Diane Sawyer?
She became known
for her efforts
in stopping the
sale of alcoholic
Who was Carry Nation?
This pioneer and her
two friends were
kidnapped by Indians
after their canoe
drifted across the
Kentucky River.
Who was Jemima Boone?
He founded Harrodsburg,
Kentucky’s first
permanent white
Who was James Harrod?
He was a Revolutionary
War hero who helped
Kentuckians capture
British forts
in the Northwest Territory.
Who was
Gorge Rogers Clark?
He helped build
and led pioneers on
the Wilderness Road
to Kentucky.
Who was Daniel Boone?
Not as famous as his
big brother but always
there to help him, he was a
preacher, politician, poet,
physician, and fort
Who was Squire Boone?
He led the first organized
English Expedition
on record into
Kentucky through the pass
he named
Cumberland Gap.
Who was Thomas Walker?
This country music
star is “just a
coal miner’s daughter”.
Who is Loretta Lynn?
This former teacher
from W-Hollow in
Greenup County
became a prize-winning
Kentucky author.
Who was Jesse Stuart?
He wrote Kentucky’s
state song.
Who was Stephen Foster?
He roamed the woods
of America looking
for new birds to paint.
Who was
John James Audubon?
She is the reigning
Miss America.
Who is Heather French?