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Mrs. Jamelli & Mr. Shaner’s Classes
Student Name______________________________________ Period #_______
Holocaust Project
Learn about Media Literacy, including bias & propaganda
Find photographs to inspire ideas for creating an ekphrastic poem
Research the Holocaust topic that is the foundation for your poem
Write the poem including metaphor, simile, personification,
hyperbole, imagery, tone, & alliteration
Complete the works citation slips on your graphic organizer
Using PhotoStory, upload your photos, write your poem over the photos, create music, and narrate
your poem for publication
Send your final copy PhotoStory to Mrs. Jamelli’s hand-in folder. Label your PhotoStory with your
name & Holocaust. Example: T. Miller Holocaust Poem
Propaganda PowerPoint Presentation
1. Media Literacy asks people to ask questions about what they ____________, _____________, and
2. B_______ is how journalists select which news events will be reported in order to influence others.
3. Propaganda attempts to manipulate people’s opinions with words and actions through the
m___________ m___________.
Nazi Propaganda Video Clip
4. Name some types of media used in propaganda techniques:
5. Hitler was a master of public _________________, which he knew was an important form of
6. Discrimination of the _____________ was the focus of the Nazi propaganda.
7. The Nazi’s had control of schools and used _________________ to create Hitler’s Youth.
8. The most effective propaganda used was _______________, which entertained people while glorifying
the government at the same time.
9. Nazi propaganda allowed ______ million Jews to die in World War II.
10.When watching and listening to media, we must always ask _____________ and seek the _________.
Mrs. Jamelli & Mr. Shaner’s Classes
MATCHING: Write the letter of the poster that
represents the following propaganda technique
definitions. Several posters may fit 2 descriptions,
but make the best choice by process of elimination.
TRANSFER – the propaganda links
the authority of something well
respected, such as religion, to someone
or something we should accept
BAD LOGIC….events are deliberately
This March 1933 poster reads:
"In the deepest need President
Hindenburg chose Adolf
Hitler for Reich Chancellor.
You too should vote for
Hitler is shown against a
backdrop of heavenly
light and a peace dove,
symbols from
manipulated to promote an idea that isn’t
Glittering Generality: The
propaganda links a person to a positive
symbol so that people will believe the
person is good.
PLAIN FOLKS – attempt to convince
the audience that a prominent person
and his ideas are just like “regular”
TESTIMONIAL…a famous public
figure promotes a political candidate
This poster comes from
the mid-1930's. The
caption: "Hitler is
building. Help him. Buy
German goods” makes
people believe that Hitler
is just like them.
This 1937 Nuremberg Rally poster
shows Albert Speer's "Cathedral of
Light" effect. The Nazi’s
manipulated the photo by using
every available spotlight they had,
so that the world would think the
Nazi’s had lots of military
This 1938 postcard celebrates
the incorporation of Austria into
Germany. The caption reads:
"One People, One Reich, One
Führer” It is trying to persuade
the Austrians that Hitler is a
good person.
Mrs. Jamelli & Mr. Shaner’s Classes