Download Nazi Party Posters: 1933

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1984 Propaganda Poster
Your assignment is to create a propaganda poster
appropriate for the fictional government of INGSOC in
George Orwell’s novel 1984.
Since George Orwell drew inspiration for his novel from
the fear of totalitarianism as he saw it manifested in
Nazi Germany and Communist Russia, use propaganda
posters from those governments as sources of ideas.
You may choose any slogan or motto from 1984, such
as “Big Brother is Watching You”, or you can make a
poster that promotes the supposed accomplishments
All of the images in the following
slideshow were found at the Calvin
College Nazi and East German
Propaganda Archive located at the
website listed below.
Advertisement for Hitler’s
book “Mein Kampf” (My
The Winter Aid
(Winterhilfswerk )
was the Nazi Party
charity. Each year
there was a drive to
solicit donations to
help the needy.
Contributions were
not entirely
"voluntary." The text
translates as: "No
one shall go hungry!
No one shall be
This poster
advertises the Nazi
charity, the NSV.
The text translates:
"Health, child
protection, fighting
poverty, aiding
community, helping
mothers: These are
the tasks of the
National Socialist
People's Charity.
Become a
The text says that German
construction expenditures
rose from 10.9 billion
Marks in 1932 to 14.5
billion in 1935. "That is
what Adolf Hitler has done
for German craftsmen. All
classes vote on 29 March
for Freedom, Peace &
The caption: "Hitler is
building. Help him.
Buy German goods."
The caption reads:
"Germany is free!“
"All Germany
hears the
Führer on the
The text of this 1940
poster reads: "Youth
Serves the Führer.
All 10-year-olds into
the Hitler Youth."
Membership in the
Hitler Youth had
become mandatory
in 1936.