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Study Guide – Chapter 2
Life Science
1. Know all vocabulary.
2. Be able to answer all homework questions.
3. Be able to answer the vocabulary matching and checking concepts questions, pp.
4. Be able to identify all the scientists in Ch. 2.
5. Know the 3 parts of the Cell Theory.
6. Be able to label a simple drawing of a plant cell and an animal cell.
7. Know the 2 main differences between plant and animal cells (Plant cells have cell
walls and chloroplasts. Animal cells do not.)
8. Know the difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. (No organized
nucleus or other membrane-bound organelles in prokaryotic cells.)
9. Remember that pond scum and bacteria are the only prokaryotic cells.
10. Remember: cells make up tissues; tissues make up organs; organs make up organ
systems; and organ systems make up multi-cellular (many-celled) organisms.
11. Re-read Ch. 2.
12. The test is Friday, September 7.