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Chapter 5 Earthquakes
Any change in the volume or shape of Earth's crust is called _____________________________________
In a normal fault, the part of the fault that lies below the other part is called the ________________________
The land between two normal faults may be uplifted to form a ___________________________________
A fold in rock that bends upward into an arch is called a(n) _____________________________________
What happens when friction between the opposite sides of a fault is high?
The point beneath Earth's surface where rock breaks under stress and triggers an earthquake is called the
The type of seismic waves that arrive at the surface first and move by compressing and expanding the ground like an
accordion are called
Compared to P waves and S waves, surface waves move _____________________________________
Which scale would most likely be used to tell how much earthquake damage was done to people, homes, and
The rating system that estimates the total energy released by an earthquake is called the
If the Coast Guard warns of a giant wave of water approaching the shore as a result of a major earthquake, they are
warning of
The best way to protect yourself in an earthquake is to _________________________________________
A device that uses wire stretched across a fault to measure horizontal movement of the ground is called a
What monitors a fault by bouncing radio waves off the ground? __________________________________
The risk of earthquakes is high along the Pacific coast of the United States because __________________
Geologists cannot yet predict earthquakes because _____________________________________________