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Lecture Note, July 28, 2014
Chih-Hsin Hsueh
Review Hypothesis testing for population mean
σ known
Null hypothesis
Alternative hypothesis
Test statistic
Rejection region
Decision method
(rejection region)
Decision method
σ unknown
Example: Consider the same cola bottle sample. Suppose the content of cola bottle is
normal with mean µ and standard deviation, σ(µ and σ, both unknown). If the person
who suspects that the bottler is underfilling measures the contents of 20 bottles and
gets the mean content for this sample x = 298.9 ml. and sample standard deviation, s
= 5.2 ml., then carry out a test to see if this is a convincing evidence that the mean
content(µ) of cola bottles is less than the advertised 300 ml. Construct a 95% confidence
interval for µ, are the test and confidence interval give us same result?