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Bill Nye: Atoms and Molecules
What is one meaning for the Greek word “atom”?
Where are the heavy particles in an atom?
What are atoms mostly made up of?
What are 3 parts (particles) in an atom?
What parts are found in the nucleus? What charge does each
part have? -
What part “buzzes” around the outside of the nucleus? What is
its charge?
What is the flow of electrons called?
If a nucleus were the size of a baseball, how far away would
the electrons be?
What is the mass of an electron (compared to the other parts)?
10. How do atoms act as solids? What devices are they like?
11. How many atoms could fit on the head of a pin?
12. What are the fundamental building blocks of all matter?
13. What forms when atoms combine?
14. If atoms are like letters, what are molecules compounds like?
15. What is all matter made of?
16. What is the formula for water?
17. What makes one atom different from another?
18. What are groups of elements called?
19. What is the atomic number?
20. How many elements occur naturally?
21. What is…... NaCl? ________
…... C3H5N3O9? __________________
22. What is…… C6H12O6? __________
…… C10H14O? _______________
23. What are inside protons and neutrons?
24. What is everything in the universe? (2 answers)
25. What are 3 examples of energy?
26. What element is in every living thing?
27. What branch of chemistry is the chemistry of carbon?