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Discovering Geometry
Day 6
1.6 Special Quadrilaterals
 Daily Openers
 Check and go over homework
1.6 Special Quadrilaterals
 Draw each figure as you define it!
quadrilateral – 4 sided figure.
parallelogram – a quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides.
rectangle – a parallelogram with 4 right angles.
rhombus – a parallelogram with all sides .
square – a parallelogram that has 4 right angles, and all sides are .
– a parallelogram that is both a rectangle and a rhombus.
trapezoid – a quadrilateral that has exactly one pair of parallel sides.
kite – a quadrilateral with two pairs of consecutive  sides.
Copy Chart
Homework – pages 66–67 #1–20 all
Daily Openers – 1. A regular heptagon has a side length of 3.25 cm, find the perimeter.
2. Construct an isosceles triangle with legs that measure 5 cm.
Measure and label the other side, and all the angles.
3. Without looking, will your triangle be congruent to everyone else’s triangle?
4. Simplify:
5. Find the missing information for the isosceles triangle.