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Sample Character Trait Paragraph Response
In "The Jumping Tree," the main character, Rey, can be
described as both nervous and determined. For example, in the text
it says "I was starting to feel an empty nervousness in my stomach."
This shows that Rey is feeling anxious about starting junior high and
fitting in with the older kids. Later in the text it states that Rey's
stomach was "flipping and turning," which shows how nervous he is.
Rey's cousin is two years older and Rey is determined to impress
him by jumping off the high tree branch. In the text, the author
writes that Rey is thinking "I was the youngest and the smallest, the
one who had something to prove to these guys." His determination
to follow through is shown in the text when he says, "I would do the
deed. It was a question of manhood." In the end, although Rey
ends up with a broken wrist, he is over his nervousness and his
fierce determination pays off. He has earned his "badge of courage"
and impressed the other boys.
Indented paragraph
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