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Persuasive Essay
5-6 paragraph essay, following the outline
Personal preference.
For example:
Black licorice is gross.
Sugar Bowl is the best place to ski.
Will you be able to find sources from the
databases we learned about in the library?
Books, journals, articles
This also means you could have should not in
your thesis.
No internet sources are allowed unless they are
digital editions of major news organizations.
For example:
USA today
New York Times
Wall Street Journal
You must have at least two sources and a
Works Cited page.
Topics are due
Thursday, the 6th
Once you commit to a topic, it’s yours. No one
else will have it.
Thesis Statement/Topic Sentences
-Thesis statement must have should or should
- Eliminate all 8 to be verbs in thesis and topic
Getting rid of “to be” verbs
1. am, are, is, was, were, be, become, became
2. Replace with a strong, specific verb
1. Cleaning is tiring and unexciting.
- Cleaning promotes exhaustion and leaves
individuals without excitement.
2. Plastic bags are dangerous for the environment.
- Plastic bags devour landfills and create dangers for
the environment.
3. Organic foods became more popular.
-Organic foods circulated quickly through grocery
stores as they gained popularity.
Your turn:
1. Jackets are beneficial in the winter.
2. Eating breakfast is important for a person’s
3. 2012 was a year of lessons and memories.
Setting up quotes
You cannot put a quote without a lead-in
1. Dialogue=someone is talking
Occasion, speaker, instead of said
When he asked Santa for a new Elmo toy, the
little boy pleaded, “I would love nothing more than
this” ( Anderson).
3. narration=just a sentence
Your own words followed by the part of the sentence.
Hopefully childhood diabetes rates will “decline by
14% in 2013” ( Smith).
Two parts.
1. Your Topic
2. Your individual and creative one
It looks like this:
School Uniforms:
The Debate Over Khaki and White
Play Based Learning:
Evaluating the Curriculum in Elementary Schools