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Lesson 6 – Solving Word Problems
Review – Finite or Infinite
irrational numbers between 3 & 7
rational numbers between 4 & 10
whole numbers between 5 and 10
{10, 9, 8}
integers between 3 & 10
rational numbers between 2 & 3
8. counting numbers between 3 & 10
9. .  1 , 1 , 1 , 1 
 2 4 2 16 
integers between 3 and 8
irrational numbers less than 10
integers less than 2
rational numbers more than 10
whole numbers less than 10
15. { 15 , 3 } belongs to which number set?
16. number of people in Arizona
17. Jose estimates the length of a board needed for a triangular planter at
the board?
18. (g + e) + t = g + (e + t)
19. g(e + t) = ge + gt
20. g + e = e + t
21. 0 + g = g
feet. Which is the approximate length of
To translate verbal phrases into algebra, look for words that indicate operations.
• Ask yourself what you need to know to solve the problem.
• Assign labels to each part of the verbal model.
• Draw a picture.
• Solve the model and answer the question.
• Check that your answer is reasonable.
Summarize How do I complete a word problem successfully?
Amanda jogs the following path around her neighborhood twice a week. The lengths are
noted in blocks. How many blocks a week does she jog?
Darren and his two roommates share expenses evenly. Their expenses for August include a $260 electric bill, a $20 water bill
and an $80 cable bill. How much will Darren spend on expenses in August?
Jeremy’s sister, Teresa, is 6 years older than Jeremy. Tracy is 5 years older than Jeremy. If
Teresa is 10, how old is Tracy?
The gym building is 20 feet higher than the main wing of the school. The main wing of the
school is 10 feet higher than the CTE classroom building. If the gym building is 50 feet high, how
tall is the CTE classroom building?
On Friday night, the concession stand sold 300 popcorns and 400 sodas. The cost of a bag of
popcorn is $1. Soda cost $1.50. How much money did the concession stand earn Friday night
from these two items?
Jeremy had $15 from cleaning the garage. He went out for breakfast and ordered two eggs and French toast with ham. How
much money does he have left?
How much does it cost to buy 3 pounds of plums and 2 pounds of pears? (Pears $1.99/lb, Plums $1.99/lb)
The Sears Tower in Chicago is 200 feet taller than New York’s Empire State Building, which is 645 feet taller than the Seattle
Space Needle. The Sears Tower is 1,450 feet tall. How tall is the Space Needle?
Chocolate Kisses come in bags holding 13 servings of 5 Kisses each. Student Council purchased 6 bags. If each goodie bag
is to hold 8 kisses, how many bags can be made?
Sam boards a plane in Tucson, Arizona, where the temperature is 105F and flies to Lincoln, Nebraska, where the
temperature is -5F. What number represents the change in temperature in degrees Fahrenheit going from Tucson to
Adam’s business showed a loss of $7,000 in 2005 and a loss of $3,000 in 2006. How much better did the business do in
2006 than in 2005?
A helicopter is flying at 2,000 feet above sea level, directly above the Loch Ness monster 300 feet below the surface of the
lake. How far are they apart?
One June 1, Terri had a balance of $100 in her bank account. During June she made the four transactions: deposited $200,
withdrew $50, wrote a check for $100, paid a bank fee of $25. If there were no other transactions, what was the balance in
Terri’s account on July 1?
Independent Work
1. Ben’s hourly wage at his after school job is $1.50 less than Eileen’s hourly wage. Eileen earns $10. What is Ben’s
hourly wage?
2. The distance to school is 1/5 mile more than the distance to the Community Center swimming pool. The pool is 3.5
miles from the school. How far is the distance to the school?
3. The length of the Colorado River is three times the length r of the Connecticut River, plus 229 miles. The Connecticut
river is 407 miles. How long is the Colorado River?
4. Pi () is the quotient of the circumference C and the diameter of a circle. If pi is approximated at 3 and the
circumference of a circle is 15, what is its diameter?
5. Club memberships are $25 for adults and $10 for children under 12. If 13 adults join the club, how many children may
join to collect $500.
6. Jonathan bought 3 containers of strawberries at $2.50 each and 2 pounds of cherries at $1.99/pound. He had $20.
How much change did he receive after making his purchases?
7. Serena works 6 hours a day Monday through Friday and 8 hours on Saturday. During one week, how many total
hours does she work?
8. Ted jogs 2.1 miles three times during the weekdays and twice as far on Saturday and Sunday. How many miles does
he jog during a week?
9. You and three friends are having lunch at a Chinese restaurant that charges $2 per plate. You order lots of plates of
wontons, egg rolls, and dumplings. The waiter gives you a bill for $25.50 which includes tax of $1.20. How many
plates did you and your friends order?
10. You and your friends go to a music store to buy CD’s on sale for $6 each. Together you spent $66.76, which included
a tax of $5.76. How many CD’s did you buy together?
11. A sales person drives at a speed of 50 miles per hour. When he is 175 miles from his destination, he remembers that
he has a meeting in three hours.
a. At his current speed, will he be on time for his meeting?
b. At what speed should he travel from this point on to make sure he gets there on time?
12. Vance charges $9.50 each time he mows his neighbor's lawn. Which is the most reasonable estimate of the number
of times Vance will have to mow his neighbor's lawn in order to earn $178.00 to purchase a mountain bike?
A. 2 times
B. 5 times
C. 20 times
D. 50 times
13. A certain car averages 28 miles per gallon. Gasoline costs $1.11 per gallon. Which of the following is closest to the
number of miles the car would be expected to go on $250 worth of gasoline?
A. 400 miles
B. 6,000 miles
C. 12,000 miles
D. 30,000 miles
14. The Sun is approximately 93,000,000 miles from Earth. Light travels approximately 186,000 miles per second.
Which of the following is closest to the number of seconds it takes light to travel from the Sun to Earth?
A. 0.005 seconds
B. 0.050 seconds
C. 500 seconds
D. 5000 seconds
Which measure is closest to the length of a side of a square that has an area of 221 square feet?
A. 11.0 ft
B. 14.9 ft
C. 16.4 ft
D. 55.2 ft
16. Jeffrey's dogs ate 42 pounds of food during July. At that rate, which is closest to the number of days a 100- pound
bag of dog food would last?
A. 3
B. 74
C. 135
D. 140
17. Darlene went to the hardware store to purchase 581 feet of rope. The rope costs $0.61 per yard. Which is
closest to the amount of money Darlene needs to purchase the rope?
A. $100.00
B. $120.00
C. $360.00
D. $1080.00
Roxanne's car used 4.8 gallons of gasoline to drive 124 miles. If Roxanne has 180 more miles to go, which is
closest to the additional number of gallons of gasoline the car will use to complete the trip?
A. 2.5
B. 7.0
C. 7.3
D. 14.1
Mary began to solve the equation 7(x – 5) = 12 by writing the second step shown below.
7(x – 5) = 12
1st step:
2nd step:
7x – 35 = 12
What property of real numbers did she use when going from the first step to the second?
A. associative
B. commutative
C. transitive
D. distributive
Students submitted pictures for the school yearbook. Only
of the submitted pictures fit in the yearbook.
There were 105 pictures that did not fit. Approximately how many total pictures were submitted for the
A. 105
B. 210
C. 420
D. 500
What is the value of the following expression? |2 – 3 |
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
Tanya evaluates the expression below using the order of operations.
1 + 4 · 8 ÷ (4 – 2) + 6
Which of the following represents the correct value for this expression?
A. 5
B. 7
C. 21
D. 23