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The Miles Davis Experience: 1949-1959
A Collaboration with Blue Note Records
Jason Palmer-Trumpet
Marcus Strickland-Tenor Saxophone
Aruan Ortiz-Piano
Michael Janisch-Bass
EJ Strickland-Drums
Program Notes
In conjunction with Miles Davis Properties, LLC. and Blue Note Records, CAMI Music is proud
to tour the new immersive musical and historical production, The Miles Davis Experience: 1949
to 1959.
Tonight’s production recaptures the period, sound, historical and cultural context of this critical
period of American history through the lens of jazz music and its most iconic innovator, Miles
Davis. Targeted for those too young to have had the chance to experience this critical period’s
work or those not lucky enough to have seen him performing in his time, the show includes live
music performed in the manner it was first presented, with era photos brought together by a beat
poet-style narrator.
By following Miles' musical development in linear chronology, we will tell the story of post-war
America, the challenges and optimism, the civil rights struggle, the historical milestones, and the
creative cauldron of new music that Miles pioneered and nurtured. The show will be an
immersive experience -- more than a concert, less narrow then a scripted play or media
presentation. The goal is to leave the audience member with a feeling of what it was like to live
in America during this important period.