Download DISPLAY UNIT Supply voltage: +5V DC The display units are

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Supply voltage: +5V DC
The display units are designed for the students to observe the digital circuit logic levels.
It can be used to display BCD inputs either on the seven-segment display or on the
group of LEDs.
Points (1 to 12) are provided for the LED Interfacing (4-RED; 4- GREEN and 4-YELLOW)
with your circuit and 16 points (4 points per display) provided for 7-segment displays D1
to D4 to display the BCD output. 4- Decimal Points (D.P.) 1 to 4 are given for the Displays
D1 to D4 respectively.
In the LED Display section the internally generated clock of 1 KHz/1 Hz (switch is on the
unit to select the clock freq.) is provided. Manual (N.P- Negative going Pulses; P.PPositive going pulses) pulses can be given to your circuit with the help of push button to
check the state change in the circuit for every key press.