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Narmer/Menes – united Upper and Lower Egypt; 1st Egyptian dynasty; 1st
Thutmose III – wiped out memory of Hatsheput, conquered lands from Syria
- Sudan, established an empire, E a warrior nation for 1st time.
Hatsheput – female pharaoh – wore wooden beard to show position and
power; connected Egypt to outside world through trade, diplomats,
explorers; ordered construction of monuments and temples at Valley of the
Tutankhamun – (King Tut) pharaoh whose tomb was found largely
Akhenaton – monotheism; marries Nefertiti
Nefertiti – Akhenaton’s wife
Ramses II – ruled 67 years; fought Hittites/made peace; made Egypt strong
Khufu/Cheops – buried in Great Pyramid at Giza
Ahmose – defeated Hyksos; started dynasty; 1st of New Kingdom
King Djoser – built Step Pyramid
Cleopatra – married a Roman who was defeated ending Egypt’s period of
self rule
Amon – “king of the gods” (during Middle Kingdom)
Osiris – god of death & rebirth, afterlife (1st god to die and live again)
Anubis – jackal headed god of embalmers; performs the “weighing of the
heart” when the soul is judged
Aten - god of sun (Akhenaton tried to make him the only god)
Horus – falcon headed god of sky and kings(protector of pharaoh); king
becomes Horus during his life on earth
Isis – mother of kings; protector of women
Re/Ra – although Egyptians had many other sun gods, Re or Ra was the
name generally used
Hathor – mother of kings/love (Isis replaced her in later years)
Sahara Desert – desert west of Nile
Mediterranean Sea – large body of water north of Egypt; Nile flows into it
Red Sea – large body of water east of Egypt
Nile River – longest river in the world (4,160 mi.), runs away from Equator
(north), annual floods
Nile Delta – triangle/fan shaped area at end of Nile River (ends at
Mediterranean Sea), river splits into many branches with rich soil between
each branch
Nile banks – area flooded annually – rich farmland
White Nile – source of Nile in modern day Sudan
Blue Nile – source of Nile in Ethiopian Highlands
Cataracts – water falls along Nile which made it impossible to travel until
last 650 miles
Upper Egypt – southern portion (white crown)
Lower Egypt – northern portion (red crown)
Giza – location of Great Pyramid (took 20 yrs to build) and Sphinx
Memphis – old capital of Egypt, location of Great Pyramid and Sphinx
Thebes – capital of Egypt (in ancient times)
Valley of the Kings – location where many kings/pharaohs were buried