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Lighting Controls
Greengate 230V LCM
Now incorporating ALC
Pluggable Pre-Addressed DALI Output, 8 Input LCM - One Part Fixing
Compatible with
occupancy & absence
sensing, daylight sensing
and timed override for
energy conservation and
carbon reduction
Low profile (61mm) for
use in restricted ceiling
Separate DALI Bus lines
are provided to each of the
nine output sockets
Four RJ11 inputs for
connection of occupancy,
absence, daylight and
combined sensors
Four sockets to accept
terminal connections (for
wall switches)
Emergency lighting testing
optional feedback
Multiple scene setting
1 part fixing type
2 part fix option also
available(base plate
ordered separately)
With a pre-addressed approach, there is no need
to sub-address DALI light fixtures on site, saving
significant time and labour.
DALI features include:
• Ballast detection
• Lamp error signal
• Sub-addressing capability
• Broadcast addressing capability
• Full digital control over the lighting range
including off
• Fade processing support
• Ballast “Persistent Memory” programming
Where connection is to a DALI emergency ballast
using the extended DALI emergency protocol,
monitoring of lamp failure, battery failure and
ballast failure is also available.
In addition 1 maintained output is provided for
emergency lighting. These units also have 8
sensor inputs as standard.
This single fix version is ideal for use in structured
wiring applications whilst the two part module,
also available, may be used in conventional wiring
Each LCM is software upgradeable, no additional
cards or equipment need be purchased.
Code Compliance
Improves BREEAM & LEED scoring for
building sustainability.
Contributes to energy reduction targets under
Climate Change Levy (CCL) and Carbon
Reduction Commitment (CRC).
Qualifies for Enhanced Capital Allowance
(ECA) applications.
Delivers lighting control requirements under
UK Building Regs - L2a & L2b and BRE: 498.
Achievable Energy Savings
The Pluggable Pre-Addressed DALI LCM offers all
the benefits of the conventional pluggable LCMs
and additionally provides pre-addressed DALI over
9 outputs.
Daylight Integration
Software programmable
(accommodates building
tenant changes)
Key Features
Suitable For
Additional Features
Cellular office
Open plan office
School classroom
Lecture theatre
Retail complex
Public library
Sports hall
Airport terminal
Hospital wards
Factory production area
Corridor & staircases
Foyer & atriums
Plant room
Consulting room
Meeting room
Internal LED Indicators
For ease of maintenance, showing network status and power
supply status
Technical Information
Reduced Inrush
Two second delay time between individual outputs at power-up
Program Port
For software upgrade or introduction of bespoke program
Nine outputs distributing a common DALI bus.
Emergency Test
This unit is designed for use with DALI EM PRO emergency
ballasts. Please contact Cooper Controls for compatibility with
other types of emergency ballast.
Construction: Folded galvanised steel enclosure
Dimensions: 288 x 248 x 50mm (L x W x H)
Single fix, installed as part of pre-fabricated wiring system utilising
‘T’ pieces - 4 x M6 at Centres 179 x 270mm (L x W)
Also available as a dual fix option, (AXPL98DH1P) for conventional
wiring situations, utilises a separate base unit for power and bus
wiring. Lid introduced as a second fix item.
Weight: 2.5Kg
Temperature: 0 to 45°C (non condensing) IP20
Outputs: Supports a maximum of two DALI ballasts and
one emergency ballast per output.
Supply: 230V~AC 50Hz single phase
Max output per LCM: 16A
Max output: 4A per channel, 5A per group
Channel groups: 1-3, 4-6, 7-9
Max emergency: 5A
Max LCM input load: 40 mA
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