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How were the San Gabriel
Mountains Uplifted?
Kim Gloersen
One mountain said to the other across the
rift "Hey, it's not my fault!"
Plate Movements
 30 Ma. , subductive tectonic
movements occurred
between the Farallon, North
American, and Pacific
 20 Ma. the relative
movements of the North
American and the Pacific
Plate changed from a head
on head contact with the
Farallon Plate to a lateral
slipping against each other.
The Big Bend
The “big bend” of the San Andreas
fault causes compression that
pushes up the Transverse Ranges.
Perspective of Big Bend
compressional areas, with the
addition of thrust faulting from the
Sierra Madre.
Thrust Faulting
North-south cross section of the San
Gabriel Mountains
Compressional zones and thrust faulting.
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