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Big Names
1. Greek philosopher associated with humanism: Aristotle
2. First emperor of china: Shi Huangdi
3. Eunuch admiral of the Ming dynasty who will lead a fleet of treasure ships into the Indian ocean: Zheng He
4. The patriarch of Islam and Judaism: Abraham
5. What Siddhartha Gautama is better known as: Buddha
1. Put the king of England under the law in 1215: Magna Carta
2. Amerindian document depicting life of the Aztecs: Codex Mendoza
3. Laws that govern day-to-day living of Muslims: Sharia
4. Songs outlining the duties of the Brahmin which were sung at religious ceremonies: Vedas
5. Law of the Romans: 12 Tables
6. First codified law: Code of Hammurabi
O’Hair’s Peeps
1. Developed a system based on harmony with society: Confucius
2. A Roman citizen who spread the Christian message to the non-Jews (Gentiles): Paul
3. A Babylonian king who developed a consistent set of laws: Hammurabi
4. Conquered the Song dynasty and established the Yuan dynasty: Kublai
5. King of Mali who ventured on a Hajj with lots of gold: Mansu Musa
What’d you say?
1. Language that resulted from expanding global trade patterns in Eastern Africa: Swahili
2. Combined with Germanic languages to form the Romance languages: Latin
3. The Aryans and the Dravidians languages combine to create this language of India: Sanskrit
4. New world, post classical society, with no written language: Inca
5. Words from this agricultural people can be found throughout sub-Saharan Africa: Bantu
6. Became the written language of the Mongols: Uighur
Regions…But Not AP Regions
1. When the king of this Kingdom attempted to eradicate Buddhism he was killed and monks took over as the governing body:
2. Eurasian region that fell behind the east and west because of their isolation and their alliance with the Mongols: Russia
3. Region that was nearly completely controlled by the Delhi Sultanate: India
4. Warriors from this Middle Eastern region defeated the Mongols at Ain Jalut: Egypt
In Common?
1. Salidin, Ibn Fadlan, Seljuk Turks: Muslims
2. Dhow, junk, caravel: ships
3. Alexander, Constantine, Romulus: All had cities named after them
4. Il Khan, Golden Horde, Yuan: Mongols
5. Minoans, Venetians, Phoenicians: relied on commerce for wealth
6. Sassanids, Visigoths of Spain, Ghana: all conquered by Muslims
Just go home!
1. Ibn Battuta: Morocco
2. Clovis: France
3. Ibn Fadlan: Baghdad
4. Marco Polo: Italy (Venice)
5. Mansu Musa: Mali
6. William the Conqueror: France (Normandy)
Location today?
1. Ka’ba: Mecca
2. Forbidden City: Beijing
3. Tenochtitlan: Mexico City
4. Hagia Sophia: Istanbul
5. Dome of the Rock: Jerusalem
6. Fatimid Caliphate: Egypt
7. Hitite Empire: Turkey