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The Mongol Empire and the Yuan
The Origins of the Mongols:
- A nomadic, tribal people with intense rivalries between clans.
- Eventually, one tribal chieftain would rise to be supreme ruler of all
the Mongol tribes.
-Ogodei Khan, Kublai Khan and the Yuan dynasty
- Genghis Khan’s personal conquests only took over the Northern
region of China that was not actually ruled by Chinese at this time.
- After his death, control of Mongolia and Northern China (the Great
Khanate) passed to Temujin’s oldest son, Ogodei.
-Ogodei very nearly turned all of Northern China into pasterual land
but was persuaded by a foreign born first-place examination scholar of
China not to do so.
-It is not until 1279 that the Mongols, under the leadership of Temujin’s
grandson, Kublai, conquer all of China.
-The Yuan Dynasty is formed.
-In order to maintain his power, Kublai issued the following laws
in China.
- Only Mongols could serve in the central government and
military. The Chinese could still govern in the provinces.
- Mongols were encouraged to avoid mingling with Chinese.
-Society is divided into four Ethnic groups
-Mongols -1st
-Turks, Persians and Syrians -2nd (central asian allies)
-Northern Chinese and barbarian tribes native to Northern
-Song Chinese
-He also attempted several times to continue the Mongol conquest by
attacking Korea, Southeast Asia and Japan. He failed twice in his
invasions of Japan.