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Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
Born of the Spirit
Program Components
 Theological, catechetical,
 Liturgical year
 10 Units, 30 weekly themes
 Aims, expectations
 Variety of activities
 Blackline masters
 Music, gestures (dance)
Catechist’s Manual
Born of the Spirit
 When you begin in
September, use Unit 1
 Each unit takes about one
 Advent is always Unit 4
 Lent is usually Unit 8
Born of the Spirit
Student Texts
 Hard cover
 Family link
 Remember activities
 Student art exemplars
 Canadian experiences
Born of the Spirit
Music CDs
 Contains year’s music with
lyrics and accompaniment
 Music has both vocals or
instrumental versions
 Some songs have gestures
and dance
 Use them for liturgies
Born of the Spirit
 Before children observe
and study anything else,
they observe and study
their teachers.
 Thus, in catechesis, the
teacher becomes a living
example for children and,
as such, are called upon to
be a model of faith.
Born of the Spirit
General Aim – Year 4 - Come and See
Let us meet the Lord Jesus through the
living experience of gospel witnesses and
explore what it means to be a disciple and
friend of Jesus today.
Born of the Spirit
Scope and Sequence
Year 4 – Come and See
 Unit 1 The Church hands on
the Good News
 Unit 2 The Good News
about Jesus Christ
 Unit 3 Jesus tells us about
the reign of God
 Unit 4 A light shines in the
 Unit 5 Jesus, born of a
Born of the Spirit
Scope and Sequence
Year 4 – Come and See
 Unit 6 Jesus reveals the
compassion of God
 Unit 7 Jesus says “I am the
 Unit 8 Jesus gives his life
for us
 Unit 9 My Lord and my God
 Unit 10 Jesus’ spirit is with
Born of the Spirit
The Process
 To use the
experience of the
Church handing on
the Good News in the
written Gospel and
to relate this to
students through
personal experience,
story, creative
activity, prayer and
Born of the Spirit
Program Cycles
 This cycle continues to
nurture the everyday
faith life of the child
and focuses on the
need to belong to God
and to a community of
followers of Jesus.
Born of the Spirit
Program Cycles
 This cycle looks at the
Church’s experience
and faith in Jesus. We
meet the Lord through
the living experience
of the Gospel
witnesses and explore
the theme of
friendship and
discipleship today.
Born of the Spirit
Program Cycles
 As students grow into
adolescence and
adulthood, they are
encouraged to enter
into the faith
traditions in light of
developing life
Born of the Spirit
 Only program approved by the CCCB
 Complete and comprehensive JK-12
 Reflects history of Catholic education in Canada
 Authored and field tested by Canadian religious
 Regularly revised
Born of the Spirit
 Teacher-friendly and comprehensive
 Similar format from year to year
 Excellent notes for catechist formation
 Provides sacramental preparation
Born of the Spirit
However, the reality is …
• Dependant on faith-filled catechists
• Often squeezed out of timetable
• Not always on administration’s radar
• Many pastors unfamiliar with program
• Little or no support from home
Born of the Spirit Overview
Produced by
Alfred Guidolin
Nipissing University
EDUC 1526E
Religious Education in Catholic Schools of Ontario
© 2004 San Marco Productions