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Civil Service
Han Dynasty
Cultural diffusion
What have we talked about, and what do you
already know?
 Shang
– 1600 – 1029 BC
 Zhou – 1029 – 476 BC
 Qin/Chin – 221 – 206 BC
 Han – 206 BC – 220 AD
 Sui – 581-618
 Tang – 618 – 907 AD
Silk Road (longest land trade route)
◦ Started by Shang, expanded by Zhou, Han,
Great Wall of China (longest wall on earth)
◦ Started by Qin, improved by Han, Tang,
Grand Canal (longest canal on earth)
◦ Built by Sui Dynasty
Gunpowder (most destructive tool back then)
◦ Invented during Tang Dynasty
On page 106 read the charts about Chinese
Ethical Systems and answer the 2 questions at
the bottom of the page
Belief system created by Confucius in the
late 400s BC during the Zhou Dynasty
 Main idea: if everyone maintains respectful
relationships, society can prevent social
◦ The powerful people (husband, parents, ruler,
boss, older sibling) take care of and are fair to
the less powerful people (wife, children,
citizens, employees, younger siblings) who
have to obey the more powerful people
Filial Piety is the key virtue: respect for
family (including elders and ancestors)
 Created
by Lao Tzu in 700s BC in
China during the Zhou Dynasty. He
wrote the Tao De Ching
 You can discover the Tao by
understanding and working with
opposing forces (yin and yang) to find
 “The best of men is like water”
◦ Quote by Lao Tzu
◦ What does this mean?