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Schools at the Heart of
Teacher Training
APTE Conference
July 2013
Greg Burke
Deputy Director
Funding, Allocations and Performance Division
Transforming Initial Teacher Training
 New Players
 New Perspectives
 New Purposes
 Partnerships
New Players
National College for Teaching and
The new agency will lead on delivering school
workforce reforms. Its remit will include teacher
training, continuous professional and leadership
development and supporting school improvement,
to address underperformance in the education
It will build on the best from the Teaching Agency
and the National College, and will work in new ways
to support the school-led system.
New Perspectives
Reform of Initial Teacher Training
 The Importance of Teaching: the Schools White Paper
(November 2010)
 Training our next generation of outstanding teachers: an
improvement strategy for discussion (June 2011)
 Training our next generation of outstanding teachers:
implementation plan (November 2011)
 Secretary of State’s speech to the National College Annual
Conference (June 2012)
The debate about Initial Teacher Training?
“The part of the field which we are to examine has long
been a battleground for the expert…. What, for example,
should be the purpose of professional training? – its
character and duration? Where should it be given and by
whom? .... At what age should it commence? – and is a
system of apprenticeship desirable?”
Lance Jones - The Training of Teachers in England and Wales
New Purposes
Teaching Schools and ITT
… will identify and coordinate expertise in partner schools,
using the best leaders and teachers to … work with other
strategic partners, including universities, to train new
entrants to the profession
National teaching schools prospectus
The role of schools
“… over the next five to ten years we expect that, rather
than Government managing much of the ITT system
centrally, schools should increasingly take on this
responsibility. This does not mean that universities would
not be involved: far from it. Groups of schools, often led
by the new Teaching Schools, might lead ITT partnerships
and draw on support from universities and other
Training our next generation of outstanding teachers
(June 2011)
The role of schools
“The best schools will blaze a trail towards a school-led
system. They are the ones who will make School Direct a
success, transform CPD, create robust systems of school
to school support and grow the best leaders.”
Charlie Taylor, North of England Education Conference
(January 2003)
Schools and ITT
 Improving the quality of “traditional” placements for
 Developing and leading ITT partnerships
 School Direct and School Direct (salaried)
 Accreditation as ITT providers
 Leading partnerships with HEIs
School Direct
 Schools, or groups of schools, bid for School Direct
 Schools:
 select the trainees they want
 choose an accredited provider to work with to award
 negotiate the training programme with the provider
 expect to employ the trainee after qualifying
School Direct (salaried)
 An employment based route for high quality graduates
with three or more years career experience
 The trainee is employed as an unqualified teacher by a
 The National College for Teaching and Leadership
provides funding, which the school can use to subsidise
the trainee’s salary and/or training.
 Replaces the Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP) - no
“supernumerary” requirement
Greg Burke
Deputy Director,
Funding Allocations and Performance Division
[email protected]
0114 274 2475