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Organ Systems in Your Body Website
Go to the following website (also available on my “links” page) and play the game, “All
Systems Go”. Then take notes on the “Learn More” section (bottom right button on the
After playing the game and taking notes answer the questions below completely.
1. Can you think of an example of a system other than an organ system? For that system,
name some of its parts. (for example: Our system of government)
2. What body system helps humans turn the food they eat into energy?
3. What body system helps humans breathe?
4. What body system controls other body systems?
5. What body system provides structure for the body?
6. What body system allows us to move?
7. What body system includes a transport system (blood) and a pump (the heart) that
keeps the transport system moving?
8. Can you think of two body systems that work together? How do they work together?
9. What part of the nervous system is essential for it to work properly?
10. What event could disrupt (cause it to stop working) one or more body systems?
Describe how?
11. How would your answer to number 10 be a disruption of homeostasis?