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Part One : Mythology
1. How was the world created, according to Greek Mythology?
2 .Who were the Titans, and name at least 3?
3. How did a war begin between the Titans and Zeus?
4. How was the world divided after the war?
5. Name and briefly describe (2-3 sentences) 6 major Greek Gods. Describe powers,
personality, allies, etc.
Part Two: Trojan War
1. Who is Eris and why is she important to the beginnings of the Trojan War.
2. Which Gods were for the Trojans, and which were for the Greeks or Hellenes?
3. How was Helen lured away to Troy?
4. What role did Ulysses have in the Trojan War?
5. Research what roles Ajax and Achilles had in the war and explain in a brief paragraph
for each.
Part 3: Heroes
1. Name and explain at least 4 characteristics of a Greek Hero
2 - 4. Name three Greek Heroes and give 1/2 page biography of each.
Name ____________________________ date _______Period ______________
5. Which of these 3 heroes are the most heroic. Explain your response in no more than
one page.