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GREEK Mythology Test #1
I. Identification. Clearly identify 20 of 23 names/objects/words associated with Greek
mythology. (60 pts.)
 Aphrodite—Goddess of Love; one of her symbols is the dove
 Herculean-- means “very difficult;” from Hercules who had to complete
12 very difficult labors
 Ixion—punished in the Underworld by being strapped to a spinning wheel
for all eternity
 black sails on a returning ship—what Aegeus saw before his death; the
sign that his son Theseus has died
II. A Short Myth. Answer some questions regarding a short myth. Also determine
Determine which theory explains its origin and indicate why you chose that theory.
(10 pts.)
III. Essay. Write a multiple paragraph essay with a strong thesis and specific details.
(30 pts.)
Material to Study/ Review
 Readings from the text (Edith Hamilton’s Mythology)
 pages 13-36
 pages 65-77
 pages 39-40
 pages 105-21
 pages 146-84
 Notes
 What is a myth?
 Greek mythology contrasted with Christianity
 The family tree of the gods
 The creation of man
 Four theories of mythology
 A “field trip” to the Underworld
 Handouts and Worksheets
 Greek gods and their domains
 Vocabulary from mythology
 Heroes before the Trojan War (Antebellum Heroes)
 Eight brief myths of lovers (quiz)