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AP U. S. History
Quiz-Chapter 1
Select the correct answer for each of the following questions. 2 points earned for the correct answer.
1. The Native Americans in the Mexico City culture differed from other North American groups in
that they;
a. Illustrated a higher level of hierarchical political and social structure
b. Based its economy on sedimentary tactics
c. Based its social structure on maternal lines
d. Practiced occupational superiority in acquiring food
2. Before 1492, many Native American cultures were strongly influenced by the;
a. Spread of corn/maize cultivation
b. Ravages of small pox epidemics
c. Regular contact with Africans
d. Domestication of horses
3. The very first Americans;
a. Lived in permanent sites
b. Were nomadic wanderers
c. Were subsistence farmers
d. Predated Spain’s arrival to the ‘New World’ by only one century
4. The large cliff dwelling structures of the North American Southwest are associated with which one
of the following tribes?
a. Anasazi
b. Navaho
c. Hopi
d. Zuni
5. There is evidence that the most dominate type of political organization of the Algonquian and
Iroquoian Indians;
a. Was Surrounded by elected council members
b. Formed a confederacy with numerous tribes blending together
c. Were chiefdoms with only one prominent leader
d. Centered around warfare and acquiring rich lands from their neighbors
6. Typical of the pre-Columbian Mississippi Valley Native Indians was;
a. The mining for gold and silver
b. Going to war each year to acquire new land
c. Major hunts to capture domesticate horses
d. The construction of large mounds that were symbolic to their religion
7. The Great Lakes Tribes were noted for;
a. Their knowledge of and mobility of the many waterways in the region
b. Large maize fields and farming communities
c. Their close knit clans and sedimentary life
d. Using higher level of communication through a written language
8. Of the following examples of interaction between Spanish explorers and Native Americans which one of the
following was not an initial result?
a. Diseases that killed many of the Native Americans
b. Domestication by Native Americans of animals brought by Spanish explorers
c. Spread of Catholicism among the Native Americans
d. Plants from South and Central America being sent back to Europe.
9. Which one of the following is a major reason the Spanish had a virtual monopoly over the lands of
the ‘New World’?
a. Because of their country being the ‘first to discover’ as well as their sponsorship of Columbus’s
b. It was the result of the Papal Bull being issued in 1493 by Pope Alexander IV.
c. They were the most successful European country to raise the necessary funds to make the
d. Because they established forts along the coast of Central and South America to warn off other
countries’ navies
10. To conquer the Aztec people, Hernan Cortes;
a. Formed alliances with conquered people who hated the Aztecs
b. Gained control over the Aztecs by converting them to Christianity
c. Persuaded the Aztec that European trade would be beneficial to their culture
d. Stay in their capital city until the Aztecs exposure to smallpox had run its’ course, leaving many of
them dead