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Week 6 - Cold War Begins- Ch 13 -section 1
Fill in (5 points each)
1. Use the numbers below that corresponds to the appropriate term.
Cold War
Yalta Conference
What era was known for confrontations and hostilities between
the United States and Soviet Union between 1946-1990?
Where did the Allies of WWII determine postwar plan for the world?
Declaration of Liberated Europe
What was the first issue discussed at the Yalta conference
with a compromise to become communist?
What was the “right of all people to choose the form
of government under which they live”?
Reparation and Economic Policy
Which country was divided into four parts in 1945?
What were the major causes in Germany that led to the Cold War?
Potsdam Conference
Harry S. Truman
Which conference took a strong stance against the communist Soviet Union
leading to deeper Cold War tensions?
Which American president attended the Potsdam conference
and was suspicious of Stalin?
Week 6 - Cold War Begins- Ch 13 -section 1
Page 1
Soviet Union
Satellite Nations
Which country refused to make a strong commitment to
the Declaration of Liberated Europe?
What were the Communist Countries in Eastern Europe?
Iron Curtain
Have you printed out these
vocabulary words found on
What separated the Communist nations of Eastern Europe from the West?
Fill in (10 points each)
2. Why did tensions grow between the United States and the Soviet Union after World War II?
Both had different goals for Germany and Eastern Europe
3. At Yalta, what agreement did the “Big Three” come to about Germany’s future after World War II?
Germany was divided into four zones controlled by Great Britain, France, Soviet Union and United States;
German military was banned
Week 6 of 10.
The 5th quiz towards your midterm.
Week 6 - Cold War Begins- Ch 13 -section 1
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