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Summer 2015
Live/Online Pre-Calculus
I hope that you will take the time to log on with me before June 30th.
I want to know that you can access everything you need for the course.
Thank you!
Monday through Thursday: 10:00 AM until 12:45 PM
July 13th through August 6th
This pre-calculus course covers skills necessary for success in calculus! We will review exponents,
including negative and rational; factoring; solving equations, linear and quadratic; logarithms;
right triangles; trigonometric functions; trigonometric identities; trigonometric equations; and nonright triangle trigonometry.
Instructress: Joan Rosebush, (Rosi)
Office: Votey Hall 359
Telephone: (802) 656-8858
Fax: (802) 419-3847
E-mail: [email protected]
Office Hours
I will happily arrange to “meet” with you, if you wish. Please just let me know if you
are interested. You and I will find a mutually convenient time to “meet.”
If you need help, please ask!
ISBN-10: 084006862X
ISBN-13L 978-0840068620
Final grade for the class is based upon:
Quiz Average: 75%
Final Examination: 25%.
FINAL EXAMINATION: Due to me by Thursday, August 6th. at 12:00 PM
Make-up quizzes are not given. It is in your best interest to take every quiz and the
final examination. If you miss any of these, you earn a 0% for it.
You are expected to actively participate in this course. If you need help, you need to be responsible
and get in touch with me. We are in this together!
I am looking forward to working with you so that you will have a solid grasp on this important
material. Having a solid understanding of this material will pave the way for a successful future!
Do you require special accommodations? Please let me know by Friday afternoon, July 17, 2015, at
4:00 PM. I would be happy to accommodate you!
‘Right-Triangle Trigonometry’
‘The Real Line’
‘Other Trigonometric Functions’
‘The Sine and Cosine Functions’
‘Graphs of the Sine and Cosine Functions’
‘The Coordinate Plane’
‘Linear Functions’
‘Trigonometric Identities’
‘Equations and Graphs’
‘Other Common Functions’
‘Inverse Trigonometric Functions’
‘Applications of Trigonometric Functions’
‘Arithmetic Combinations of Functions’
‘Composition of Functions’
‘Inverse Functions’
‘Quadratic Functions’
‘Polynomial Functions’
‘Finding Factors and Zeros of Polynomials’
‘Complex Roots of Polynomials’
‘Rational Functions’
‘The Natural Exponential Function’
‘Logarithmic Functions’
‘Exponential Growth and Decay’