Download Geology Seminar Series Spring 2016 Mondays @ 4:15 pm in Delehanty 219

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Spring 2016
Geology Seminar Series
Mondays @ 4:15 pm in Delehanty 219
Refreshments @ 4:00 pm in Delehanty 316
02/01/2016 David Lowe, Department of Earth and Environmental Science,
University of Ottawa, ON
”Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Potsdam Group in the Ottawa Graben: insights into
tectono-eustatic events in Early Paleozoic Southern Laurentia”
02/29/2016 Keith Musselman, Hydrometeorology Applications Program, National
Center for Atmospheric Research, CO:
"Lower snowmelt rates in a warmer world: evidence from climate change research in the
western U.S."
04/04/2016 Olivier Bachmann, Department of Earth Science, ETH Zurich, CH:
“Supervolcanoes and their deposits: insights into the dynamics of large magma reservoirs"
04/11/2016 Nigel Kelly, Department of Geological Sciences, University of
Colorado at Boulder, CO:
“Impact histories of the Moon recorded in zircon"
04/18/2016 James Kaste, Geology Department, The College of William & Mary ,
“Groundwater and vegetation controls episodic soil erosion in a desert ecosystem"
Sponsored by the Department of Geology Visiting Lecture Series
For additional information contact:
Julia Perdrial • Department of Geology •University of Vermont •180 Colchester Ave. Burlington, VT 05405
(802) 656-0665 • [email protected]