Download Math A Focus: Geometry February 11- March 22, 2013

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February 11March 22, 2013
Math A Focus: Geometry
What question do we ask ourselves?
What do we need to know and be able to do?
How are angle relationships used and affected by line relationships?
How does the movement of a figure affect its attributes?
How are areas of 2D shapes related?
How are two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes related?
What words do we need to know to master the
Adjacent angles
Interior angle
Indirect measurement
Supplementary angles
Complementary angles
Vertical angles
How will we master the objectives?
 Use angle measures to find indirect measurements
 Apply properties of 2D shapes to draw models of 3D figures
 Determine relationships between properties of polygons
 Determine and measure angle measures
 Make models and drawings of 2D and 3D figures
 Use a coordinate plane to graph ordered pairs, locate, and
draw plane figures
 Identify congruent and similar figures
 Describe diagonal lines and line segments
 Classify triangles and quadrilaterals by sides and angles
 Develop formulas to determine areas of polygons
 Estimate and compute the circumference and area of a circle
What resources will we use?
Graph paper, grid paper
Dot paper
Tracing paper
Geometry manipulatives
Models of 3D figures