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Integrated Algebra
Geometry: Basic Concepts
You should know what these are and how they are used.
1. Undefined terms: point, line, plane; naming them
2. Line segment, ray, angle and how to name them
3. Angles
Kinds of angles (5)
Measure an angle in any position with a protractor
4. Parallel and perpendicular lines and their symbols
5. Pairs of angles
Complementary, adjacent, supplementary (linear pair), vertical
Parallel lines and transversal
6. Classification of triangles by angles and sides
7. Names of polygons with 2-10, 12, & 20 sides
Classification of quadrilaterals
8. Geometry formulas – all except sphere formulas; also surface area of a prism
and specific surface area formula for a rectangular prism
9. Parts of a circle
Center, chord, radius, diameter, arc, semicircle
10. Congruence and similarity
11. Constructions