Download Daylighting Controller Written Specification (word document)

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Greengate Models DLC-PDC
1. The Controller shall automatically switch a dry contact in response to changes in natural
2. The Controller shall be able to control incandescent, fluorescent or HID lighting.
3. It shall be possible to added an optional “Hold On” timer to prevent the short cycling of
HID lamps.
4. Each Controller shall be powered by 15VDC.
5. Each Controller shall have separate high and low fully adjustable set points which shall
allow for the precise switching of loads according to the selected light level
6. The Controller’s low and high setpoints shall be separated by a deadband which shall
prevent the sensor from switching light levels between the setpoints, eliminating nuisance
or intermittent changes.
7. Signal/setpoint and relay status indication shall be provided along with calibration input
for adjustment.
8. The Controller shall be enclosed in a plastic enclosure for surface mounting installation
which meets flame retardant requirements of UL standard 94V-0.
9. The Controller shall provide a 10A low voltage Form C relay output.
10. The DAYLIGHTING Controller shall be Greengate Model DLC-PDC.