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The Importance of Place
The Importance of Place
The 5 Principals of Geography
• Places have a location
• Places have physical & Cultural characteristics
• Places Change
• Places interact with other places
• Places are in regions
• Places can be found according to Longitude
and Latitude.
• But, it is more important to know the where,
what, and why!
Take Winnipeg for example…
I found it!
• 49 degrees north latitude, 97 degrees west longitude
But it is more important to know…
• Located in Western Canada, it’s the geographical
centre of North America, it was the historic gateway
to the prairies from Easter Canada…
Physical and Cultural Characteristics
• Landforms, bodies of water, soil and mineral
deposits ----> how do these impact people?
• Different groups of people, immigration and
emigration ----> how does the combining of
cultures alter the atmosphere?
Places Change?
• Manmade and natural changes to a location
have lasting impacts on an area…
Places Interact with other Places
• Size and location determined the importance
of a location – still does to a certain degree –
however communication has changed.
• This is a core idea in Social Studies!
Places are in Regions
• Region: an area where certain characteristics
– The coast
– The interior
– The desert
• Vancouver and Seattle are in two different
countries but are part of the same Region.