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Chapter 9
Elizabeth Fluck, Dusty Campbell,
Madison Okolowski, Sarah Gibbs,
Joe Daniels, Ariel Leahy, Tyler
Section 1 Vocab
 Cordillera-
a mountain system made up of
roughly parallel ranges.
 Andes- western side of Columbia reach
18,000 ft.
 Guiana Highlands- Venezuela’s highest
 Llanos- mostly grassland with few trees
 Orinoco River- region longest river
Section 1
Natural Resources
Good soil
Oil rich fields
Iron ore (metallic iron)
Fish and shrimp
Hydroelectric power
Iron Ore
Section 1
2 Climate regions
Savanna Humid (Llanos region)
Humid Subtropical ( Southern Columbia region by the
Amazon basin)
Warm year-round, temperature rises 4⁰ every 1,000ft.
Section 2 Vocab
 Guerrillas-
members of an irregular military
 Cartagena- was a major naval base and
commercial port in the Spanish empire.
Section 2
Holidays, Government, and Sports
 Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul and it
honors the catholic saints Peter and Paul
 Government
 Sports
is a republic
soccer and tejo
Section 2
Additional Information
 Late 1700s people in Central and South America
began struggling for independence from Spain
 National capitol of Columbia is Bogota
 Rich soil, steep slopes, and tall shade trees
produce coffee
 Religion is mainly Roman Catholic
 Guerrillas forces farmers off land and some flee
 Relies on resources such as iron ore, gold, and
Section 3 Vocab
 Llanos-
Venezuelan cowboy
 Strike- Group of workers stopping work
until their demands are met.
 Referendum- Recall vote
 Lake Maracaibo- Area rich with oil.
 Caracas- Venezuela’s capital and the
economic and cultural center of the
Section 3
 One third of the country’s population lives
in Georgetown
 Most important product is sugarcane and
 Agricultural lands are located on flat,
fertile land along the coast
 Half of the population is descended from
people who migrated from India
Section 3
Resources and economy are similar to Guyana’s
Population includes South Asians, Africans,
Chinese, Indonesians, and Creoles
Paramaribo is home to half of the country
Section 3
French Guiana
Territory of France and sends representatives to
the government in Paris
200,000 people live mainly in the coastal areas
Two- thirds of the people are African decedents
Other groups are Europe, Asians, and South
American Indians
Heavily depends on imports of food and energy
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