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Aggression & Violence
How do we define
Aggression: Any act or attitude of hostility
toward another
Violence: often acting on aggression, the use of
physical force to inflict injury and/or damage
Are aggression and violence always negative?
Each may or may not be socially approved,
depending on the context, see fig. 18.1 People in
Perspective, p321
Why do we feel aggression?
Why do we act violently?
Numerous theories are attributed to why we feel
and behave aggressively, and why we act
These theories can be divided into the following
 Psychological
 Sociological
Biological theories
Instinct: Some theorize that humans are aggressive
and violent by nature
Suggest that our genetic code is characterized by the need
for violence and aggression. Survival of the fittest?
Hormones: Aggression is linked to high levels of
testosterone, a male hormone.
Testosterone increases the amount of adrenaline released
by the body.
Adrenaline causes excitement and stimulates action
So, are males “naturally” more aggressive than females?
What would you deduce based on this evidence?
Psychological theories
Psychologists would suggest that we all have the
potential for violence, however whether or not
we act on our aggression depends on the
Outside factors in our environment influence our
 Example: It’s freezing rain outside, you forgot your
umbrella and you’re now soaked. How might this
affect how you treat others and your surroundings?
Sociological Factors
Sociologists believe that aggression and violence are the
result of the interaction between individuals and certain
factors in society
Our behaviour is dependant on issues of class, gender,
power, living conditions, etc
We may act aggressively/violently because it is
culturally acceptable to do so, or because certain factors
in our culture lead us to behave in such fashion.
These are Cultural Expectations
Sociological factors (cont.)
Consider the following factors, which are
dependant upon the values and traditions of a
given society or culture
Early training
Influence of media
Link between aggression and how children were raised
Does watching violent films stir up aggressive feelings?
Use of drugs/alcohol
Loss of inhibitions can lead to violent behaviour