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Bell Work
Grab a Sociology book from the book shelf.
Turn to page 199 or 149 and read the account of a
sociologist who encountered the Yanomamo tribe in
Answer the following questions:
Describe some of the norms and values of the
Yanomamo tribe.
Would we consider these norms and values deviant?
Are these practices really examples of deviance?
What is
Deviance is the violation of rules or norms.
It is not an act itself, but reactions to the act
that make it deviant.
Deviance is relative…
What is deviant to some is
not deviant to others.
Both within societies and
across cultures.
Examples: Human
sexuality, crime, Etc.
Sociologists’ view of deviance…
Sociologists use the term deviance nonjudgmentally.
Deviance does not mean an act is bad,
only that people judge it negatively.
Deviance=breaking a norm
You don’t have to do
anything to be deviant!
Stigma=“blemishes” that
discredit a person’s claim
to a “normal” identity
Violate norms of
appearance or ability
Some acts of deviance
are so appalling that
society will enact a law.
What is a crime can
change over time.
Society connects a
punishment to a crime as
an act of revenge.
Does punishment work
as a deterrent?
Norms are Necessary!
Norms make social life possible by making
behavior predictable
Without norms, there would be SOCIAL
Norms bring about social order and social
Deviance is a threat to the predictability of
social life!
To encourage people to follow norms we have
positive and negative sanctions (smiles,
awards, shaming, punishments)
Degradation ceremony
Deviant Act
Requiem for a Dream
As you watch the movie, answer the questions
that follow.
Record at least ten examples of deviance that
you observed from the movie.
What societal reactions in the situation make
the act deviant?