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Chapter Two
Adapting Your Message to Your
Latoya Kelly
Chuck Woody
Brennen Heinz
Robert Sanders
•Primary Audience
•Secondary Audience
•Auxiliary Audience
•Watchdog Audience
Organizational culture and the discourse
A communication channel is used in
projecting messages.
• Be specific and very detailed
• New technology has made TV
communication nearly impossible.
• Newspapers, podcasts, and weather.
• How will the audience react to the message?
• People may ignore messages that do not involve
• How much information does the audience need?
• Be clear, give plenty of examples, and keep
information in small chunks.
• What obstacles must you overcome?
• Avoid angering the audience.
• Try finding common ground.
What Positive Aspects Can You Emphasize?
 Your message should benefit the reader.
 Find Common interest, values, and goals that relate to the Audience.
What are the Audience’s Expectations about the Appropriate Language, Content,
and Organization of Messages?
 The writer should adapt their style to the reader’s preferences.
 Make sure there are no “red flag” words that would offend the reader.
 Give the reader enough detailed information, but know when enough is
How will the Audience use the Document?
 Understanding how your audience will use the document will enable you
to choose the best pattern of organization and the best level of detail.
Audience Analysis is a powerful tool
It is Important because the target audience
can provide feedback to the source.
Adapt benefits to the audience
Stress intrinsic as well as extrinsic motivators
Prove benefits with clear logic and explain
Phrase benefits in you-attitude
Identify the needs, wants, and feelings that
Identify the objective features of your
product or policy
Show how the needs can be meet with the