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Life Skills – Lesson 2
Effective Communication
Effective Communication:
Knowing what to say and how to say it so
others will listen and understand, and how
to listen attentively to avoid
What is communication?
Exchanging ideas, information or opinions
What do we need in order to
Responsibilities of the Sender
Face the person you are speaking with
Eye contact
Comfortable distance
Use language that the receiver will understand
Check with the Receiver to see if you are being understood
If necessary, speak assertively in a strong, positive way.
Responsibilities of the Receiver
Listen carefully
Pay attention to nonverbal language
Show that you are interested in what they are
Ask questions
Don’t interrupt
Keep an open mind
Communication Activity
Sender: Draw a simple picture using only circles, triangles
and rectangles without showing it to the receiver
Receiver: Split your paper into three separate sections.
1. One-way communication: Sender & Receiver sit back to
back. No use of body language or questions
 2. One way communication: Sender & Receiver face each
other. Still no questions allowed
 3. Two-way communication: Face each other and questions
are allowed.
Communicate using only gestures, movement, signals, etc.
Wrap-up Questions
What role does body language play in effective
How does it feel when someone actively listens
to you?
What three things does it take to communicate